Our Forum's Guidelines on Conduct

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Our Forum's Guidelines on Conduct

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:21 pm

We want to be a friendly place for all crafts persons to share their knowledge without fear and intimidation or online bullying.

1.Respect and and civility towards other members are expected, also towards their practices and choices. While you might not agree, everyone is entitled to their opinion and views. This does not mean intolerable views towards gender, sexuality and race and other sociably unaccepted practices will be allowed. Responses between members should be free of insult or insinuation.

2.Respect towards suppliers are also expected. Whether giving a favorable review or not, it should be done in a fair and professional manner free from insult.

Insulting and insinuating comments regarding other members or persons will not be allowed and will be moderated.

Continued posting of messages that are unacceptable and against these guidelines will lead to loss of membership to this forum.

civility is welcomed

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